Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos,

SAE Secretary

Vienna, 7th of March 2010


Dear Hellenes and Philhellenes around the World,

In the present global situation, Greece is in the midst of an extremely severe economic crisis. Speculative financial games and statements for the loss of our national sovereignty from the lips of the Greek Prime Minister Mr.G.Papandreou make us all very concerned.

The country’s image in the past few weeks is under attack by the international media, along with incitements to sell our islands, even the Parthenon. All these create feelings of sadness and anger and make us wonder, what is the purpose behind of these and why is Greece in the center of these attacks?

I urge every one of you, who serve Hellenism in every way, no matter where you live in the world and with every means available, to help Greece at this hour of its great need.

Many of you might have experienced the ineffectiveness of the Greek State while trying to complete a transaction, and many of you felt disappointed by the way some people treated you and I am sure all of us can narrate a story that proves how unreliable Greece is.

But Greece does not only deal with the dangers of an economic meltdown, but with the greatest danger of a social and cultural alienation. And this is where we all step in to offer our help. To make sure that the ethical and spiritual reserve of our country remains intact. We ought to go back to the traditional Greek Values, which we have the obligation to share with the world that has a need for them.

The financial support for those of you, who can offer it, is one way to assist our country. As you may know, the President of the Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias leads the campaign for the “Solidarity Fund for Greece”, accepting the proposition of the President of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Philipos Petsalnikos.

We should not forget that Greece is unique, as it is the symbol of a Heritage of world magnitude and valuable historic continuance.

Our first priority should be to stand with solidarity against all improper attacks against our homeland. In the societies we live in, we should all unite our voices and become the best ambassadors of our culture. We should remind to all, that the Greek presence in every corner of the world had a positive impact to the whole of society in every aspect. We should remind to all, that we have the responsibility to carry on the values of our priceless heritage, the principles, on which the World Cultural Heritage was established.

The danger of the economic collapse of the country has its consequences in every sector of the life of its people, from the survival of the retired person, the small store owner, the farmer, the family with many children, the future of the younger generations. But, it will also affect the ability of the country to negotiate in the international arena.

Deprived of its economic self-reliance it is very difficult to negotiate on equal terms with others, especially on our national issues, such as the name of the neighboring country FYROM, the Greek- Turkish relations, the Cyprus issue, the international recognition of the Genocide of Pontus and Asia Minor Greeks, the protection of our peoples’ rights in Northern Epirus, Constantinople, Imvros and Tenedos and the support of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

So, it is extremely crucial that all powers of World Hellenism be alert, be on the fore front of the battle as they have done it to this day. Hellenism around the Globe should be a protagonist in every effort to ensure that Greece will not have to compromise its sovereignty.

The forces of Hellenism, our organizations, the Philhellenes, assisted by the SAE, but also each and every one of us, should be the pacemakers in this initiative.   And with coordinated efforts and actions, we have the obligation to work towards the reversal of the situation and the restoration of the credibility of Greece abroad.

In 1821 the great British Philhellene Percy Shelley wrote: “We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts, have their roots in Greece. If it was not for Greece, we would all still be slaves.”. It was the greatest idealization of Greece at a moment, when the country defended its population in the struggle for independence. All Europe was mobilized.  Greece-was not only for the poets but also for all academics „the Greek miracle.” This marvelous place where in the 5th century almost from the zero bloomed the democracy, the arts, the philosophy, the historiography, the theatre, with one word: the culture, this Greece passed from excessive love to become a Myth. »

This marvelous place, our country, the land from which we all started our voyage to reach our distant homelands, needs us, and united we should be by its side, regardless our political beliefs, or party-political expediencies and everything else that keeps us apart.

Greece and all it stands for, is a priceless treasure for all of us who carry with great pride the Greek origin, for our children the inheritors of this eternal legacy, but also for all Humanity, that established its distinct cultural identity on the same Greek values.

Dr.Olga Sarantopoulos

Secretary of World SAE